Up and Down We Go in Support of Cancer Research

On September 3rd, the Always Be Content team took to the seven hills of Edinburgh along with the Edinburgh Business Beats Cancer Board. We walked 21 kilometres in solidarity with those fighting the uphill struggle against cancer – and smashed through our fundraising goals. Our Lou Kiddier, Co-Founder and Head of Content Production at Always… Continue reading Up and Down We Go in Support of Cancer Research

Creative Communications

WHAT IS CREATIVITY? You’ve surely seen an elephant in the clouds before? Maybe you’ve even noticed the first notes of your favourite song in the rhythmic, melodic patterns of morning traffic.Curious as it seems, this ability to see, hear and imagine things in unexpected places is a foundational human trait: we are masters at pattern… Continue reading Creative Communications


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJxfJGo-vkI ORGANISING PRINCIPLES In the colour-coded world of organisational science, ‘teal’ organisations are said to be more efficient and effective than the traditional hierarchies of business. Replacing the classic pyramid of conventional organisations with empowered teams, self-directed decisions and rapid solutions, truly evolved organisations are changing the way business thinks about business.  Everyone has experienced… Continue reading Holacracy

Designing values-based organisations

WHY VALUES-BASED ORGANISATIONS DO BETTER Management guru Peter Drucker observed that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s a thought borne out in modern business by the nagging feeling that – despite the best intentions and efforts of smart people – traditional management doesn’t quite work. Another crank of the strategy handle fails to get the… Continue reading Designing values-based organisations

How to prove your worth as a CMO

“I think marketing is a waste of money.” “Marketing doesn’t matter in our business.” “It’s just the colouring in, isn’t it?”   Many marketing heads hear this kind of backchat in their business – especially when asking for budget or defending investment with sceptical C-suite colleagues. Your CEO can ask “How do we know if… Continue reading How to prove your worth as a CMO

Customer Experience

There’s a difference between being competitive in the market and being seen to be different.   The difference is about 600% ROI, according to longitudinal research across diverse sectors by the Customer Experience Institute at the University of Monaco. A distinctive customer experience (CX) breeds a culture of excellence and builds customer loyalty and lifetime… Continue reading Customer Experience

Behaviour change

In marketing, you’re always trying to get people to change behaviour, to do something different.   You may simply want customers to choose your brand more often.   You may want employees to act in different ways.   You may want to change your company culture.   The problem is that in many instances, persuasion… Continue reading Behaviour change


Back in the mid-90s when we first engaged in digital marketing, we were very naïve. Our agency won the global account for one of the world’s first ‘internetworking’ companies – a brilliant, innovative early competitor to Cisco which cashed-in in the dotcom boom.   We had email at a point when there was no-one else… Continue reading DIGITAL MARKETING


From the client side perspective, bringing together different media and creative agencies is a hassle. As a full service agency, we make the integration of brand strategy, creative campaigns and channel marketing simple and straightforward with clear lines of accountability.   Media planning and buying has become more complex. It’s more finicky with varying online… Continue reading MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING


Everybody thinks they know what Customer Experience is. It seems obvious. Customers buy something from you – and then they’re either happy or not, right?   At its simplest, customer experience lets you measure customer satisfaction across each touchpoint. You can then set objective service standards which, in turn, help ensure the optimal customer experience.… Continue reading CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE