Most marketing professionals dream of developing campaigns that produce results now – but also build long-term relationships with customers.

Every CMO feels the pressure to produce quick-fire impact. But while branding takes time, an all tactical approach usually runs out of steam too fast. (Or degrades long-term brand trust.) Our proven methods help you solve the ‘brand and demand’ conundrum. We develop rapid strategies and award winning creative ideas that drive ‘direct-to-customer’ business and enhance the brand experience.

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Scottish Water

According to a Harris Poll in Utility Week, public trust in the average UK water company is just 57%. Our campaign for Scottish Water helped raised trust levels to a record 91% among those who were campaign-aware – with a 13% increase over those who felt unaware of the campaign. ‘Your Water Your Life’ won at the UK Marketing Awards, UK Content Awards and Marketing Society Star Awards. 

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In the second wave of the pandemic, the North West of England was badly hit. And young people often got the blame. So, a coalition of local authorities partnered with the NHS to develop a campaign aimed at young people. Using highly targeted digital media, the campaign had a 20% click-through-rate. Infections among young people dropped by 42% vs 32% for general population.

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British Gas is the UK’s largest energy company. We were appointed to help the energy giant re-engage with B2B audiences and build new content focused relationships with key segments. The campaign saw dramatic improvements in cost for traffic and strong conversion – up to 60% ‘additionality’ over base sales levels. NPS was raised by +28 and customer numbers increased for the first time in a decade.

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University College London is ranked among the world’s top 10 academic institutions. With around 40,000 students – 40% from overseas – it’s one of the largest universities in the UK. Our student experience helped increase student satisfaction scores by 18% while our brand campaign won at the higher education sector Heist Awards and CUBO Awards for best international initiative.

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Weir Group is a pure play global engineering business with a mission to make mining more sustainable. We developed the core creative on the sustainability strategy which we then built into internal communications and integrated into the online stakeholder comms and investor relations. Weir’s shares enjoyed a 12% uplift in value.

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MDDUS is a 120 year old institution which covers doctors and dentists against medical malpractice. The challenge, as for any ‘classic’ brand, is how to move with the times –without losing the heritage, provenance and core brand values which made them successful in former times. However, today’s ‘attention economy’, changing customer journeys and radically altered patterns of media consumption demand a strategic re-think around digital communications. See MDDUS digital annual report.

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Scottish Water

Over 36,000 sewers get blocked in Scotland every year. Scottish Water’s engineers are called out 100 times a day to deal with the problem at an annual cost of £7m. Believe it or not, in 90% of cases, the culprit is the humble wet wipe. The problem caused by human behaviour is made worse by climate change. Heavy rains force sewage out of blocked drains into rivers and the sea. Our ‘Nature Calls’ campaign led the call for a ban on wipes made with plastic. The impact was almost instant with a 20% reduction in call outs. Watch the case study film.

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Business Beats Cancer

As our pro bono charity partner, we’ve helped Business Beats Cancer raise around £180,000 to support Cancer Research UK’s centre of excellence based at the Western General Hospital. This close connection between amazing medical research and innovative treatment for actual patients is delivering leaps in life-saving treatment for some of the most intractable diseases. While it may seem like a lot of money has been raised, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the challenge where 1 in 2 people will develop dance at some stage in life. If you’d like to donate here, we’d appreciate it.

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