Creative Communications

Creative Communications


You’ve surely seen an elephant in the clouds before? Maybe you’ve even noticed the first notes of your favourite song in the rhythmic, melodic patterns of morning traffic.
Curious as it seems, this ability to see, hear and imagine things in unexpected places is a foundational human trait: we are masters at pattern recognition.

We make sense of the world around us by looking for connections, similarities, common denominators.

This happens to be a good way of thinking about creativity too. Because creativity is the process of seeing and imagining patterns that others don’t. It’s when we solve a problem in a novel way and when we imagine patterns in a brand-new configuration. As the famous education guru Sir Ken Robinson wrote, “Creativity is about putting your imagination to work. It is applied imagination.”


If creativity is applied imagination, then you can think of creative communications as imaginative messaging. Simple as that.
Or so we’d like to think.

As businesses, we need to communicate our offerings and values to customers, partners and society.

But, needless to say, we’re not alone in doing this. We face endless noise and fierce competition, and the resulting flood of messaging fights for people’s limited attention. The trick then is to market your goods and services in a way that surprises and resonates – to communicate in a way that hasn’t been done before.

In short, communicate imaginatively.

For that, you need a team of creative problem solvers who can dream up new ways of communicating and can take new and existing patterns and reconfigure them in never-before-seen ways.


Our creative team has seen flowing rivers in the water colour paintings of the Scottish Highlands. This led to an integrated campaign that radically increased customer trust in Scotland’s public water utility.

We saw the power of Pythonesque collages to marry modern and historical imagery in a seamless fashion. Our resulting student campaign helped increased student satisfaction at a leading university by 18%.

Digital or traditional media, integrated campaigns or ambient design, our creatives have done it all. Our team is teeming with creativity, ready to put their imaginative prowess to good use.

Come work with us and find out how the power of creativity can uplift your business brand.