There’s a definite trend towards living an alcohol-free life. Increasing numbers of us are ditching booze completely or at the very least moving towards moderation. And if you think it’s just middle-aged folk who can’t hack a hangover anymore then think again: Gen Z is also turning its back on the bevvy. Of course, drink… Continue reading WHY GOING ALCOHOL FREE IS COOL AF

Shining a Light on Mental Health

All too often, society doesn’t give mental health the attention it deserves. Initiatives like World Mental Health Day aim to change this and we’ve also been shining a light on the issue with our recently launched awareness campaign. It gives practical advice on how to look after your mind as well as reassuring those who… Continue reading Shining a Light on Mental Health

3 Stories – 1 Cause

From teenage transplant to life saving immunotherapy to those that lose their courageous battle with cancer.   Our Content Producer Lou was recently appointed Chair of Edinburgh Business Beats Cancer (EBBC). Previously, she had spent three years as an integral member of the organisation’s Board. EBBC brings together business leaders in the city to raise… Continue reading 3 Stories – 1 Cause

Always Be Reminiscing: 2021 In Review

2021 has been a vintage year for Always Be Content.   So, indulge us while we get comfy in our favourite chair, put our slippers on, and reminisce. From winning awards and bringing in new clients to publishing a book, there’s a lot of enjoyable moments for us to look back on. Join us and… Continue reading Always Be Reminiscing: 2021 In Review

Up and Down We Go in Support of Cancer Research

On September 3rd, the Always Be Content team took to the seven hills of Edinburgh along with the Edinburgh Business Beats Cancer Board. We walked 21 kilometres in solidarity with those fighting the uphill struggle against cancer – and smashed through our fundraising goals. Our Lou Kiddier, Co-Founder and Head of Content Production at Always… Continue reading Up and Down We Go in Support of Cancer Research

Re-discover your mojo

Sleep Well, Dream Big

Sleep Well, Dream Big was an idea that we’d been sleeping on for a long time.   If we’re tired, then we know that we won’t be working at our highest creative capacity… which can be a bit of a problem when working in a creative industry. Over the years we’ve collected a fair amount… Continue reading Sleep Well, Dream Big

Always be reflecting

2019 has been a good year for us.   So, as we close out the decade, we thought that it’d be more fun to reflect on all the positive things we’ve been doing. From welcoming ambitious interns in April to sleeping through November, it’s safe to say we’ve been pretty busy. And, despite the ongoing… Continue reading Always be reflecting


Everyday life has changed in ways we never expected.   We’re all stuck indoors by order of the government. Schools are closed. Essential services are struggling. Many people are worried about their jobs. Just add an outbreak of a dangerous disease and it’s no wonder that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed.… Continue reading WELLBEING: LOCKDOWN AND WFH