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There’s a definite trend towards living an alcohol-free life. Increasing numbers of us are ditching booze completely or at the very least moving towards moderation. And if you think it’s just middle-aged folk who can’t hack a hangover anymore then think again: Gen Z is also turning its back on the bevvy.


Of course, drink can help you unwind and it’s highly social. But now the penny (and the science) is beginning to drop. As a mild neurotoxin, alcohol just isn’t that good for you and it’s also associated with a range of health problems. These include weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and even cancer.


In my case, I thought there was no way I could kick the habit. That’s what it was, a habit, and not one that put my health first. In British culture, it feels almost taboo not to drink and sometimes I’ve been made to feel the odd one out. People often assume I’m driving, or they ask if I’m on antibiotics. Other non-drinkers I know get asked if they’re pregnant, which is a bit shocking!


What's The Problem?

Some of my closest peers wondered if I had a real problem: why was I doing this? Thankfully, I can say I’m not an alcoholic. But I liked booze well enough to want to make a change and I’ve been able to shift my mindset to do so.


So, how long does that mindset shift take? I’d say 3 months. If you can stay dry for this long, the likelihood is you’ll have re-trained your brain. I did this with some help from ‘say it how it is’ coach Kirsty *@skyrosecoaching. To be honest, I don’t really know how she did it or how I managed to find the will power. Perhaps it was the long list I wrote of the negatives of alcohol consumption, compared to the short list of positives!


AF Swaps

After 3 months, I felt ready to make AF choices the norm. Luckily, there’s a lot of good AF alternatives out there. Beers, of course, have the best choice: @Luckysaint @Heineken @JumpShipBeer and @UNLTD are just a few great brands. For the Prosecco generation, there’s @Scavi&Ray @Noughtyaf and @RealKombucha – all of which you can buy from wisebartender.co.uk or drydrinker.com. Hopefully, it won’t be long before supermarkets and local shops cotton on to AF sparkling wine as well!


Weirdly, I’ve tried the odd glass of my fav tipple to test myself. Now I can taste the alcohol and I don’t really like it. The old instant craving for more has disappeared. I’m not being preachy or judgemental here: if you like a drink that’s ok. But there’s a generational shift happening and maybe moderation will become the norm. So, if you want your weekends back or you’re just sober curious, follow *Kirsty or listen to her *podcast for more advice. It’s certainly something to consider for your health.


Of course, if you’re an AF brand and need creative support, then we’d love to help you. It ties in nicely with our CSR and B-Corp status as well as our Director Lou being the chair of Business Beats Cancer.


Please get in touch with Lou Kiddier at [email protected].