Sleep Well, Dream Big was an idea that we’d been sleeping on for a long time.

If we’re tired, then we know that we won’t be working at our highest creative capacity… which can be a bit of a problem when working in a creative industry. Over the years we’ve collected a fair amount of sleepy wisdom, which we thought could be turned into a dreamily informative marketing event; Sleep Well, Dream Big.

Our event aimed to stop a generation of marketers from sleeping on their success. By helping them understand the importance of sleep. So that they can wake up to a reality that is as fantastic as their dreams.

With a line-up of fantastic guest speakers including Dr Lizzie Hill and Scottish Water’s Brian Lirioni; you can read a summary of our event below!

Dr Lizzie Hill
University of Edinburgh: Sleep Well

Dr Lizzie Hill provided a fun and engaging discussion about the science behind sleep.

“Sleep isn’t us just lying inactive for eight hours, there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes,” Lizzie explained, “It conserves energy, helps your mind calibrate, and it also helps your immune system to repair and maintain itself.”  We learned that, basically, without sleep, we’d very much be like a zombie; slow moving, tired, forgetful and prone to illness.

And as Halloween only comes around for one day a year, it’s probably best to try and avoid a sleepy zombie like state.

Lizzie also went on to talk about a few (in)famous people who manage to get around on only a couple of hours of sleep a night; Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher and Elon Musk all being listed… “I’ve picked this group of people for a reason, take from that what you will.” I think an early night might be in order!

Brian Lironi
Scottish Water: Dream Big

Fulfilling the ‘Dream Big’ part of our event, Brian Lironi spoke about confidence; how you can find it in yourself and pass it on to those around you.

Or more poetically, how you can become a star and create a constellation around you.

Brain describes his professional journey as one of incredible highs, and devastating lows – “a proper rocky road.” Although throughout his life he admits that he’s always had one main motivation that has got him to where he is today – a belief of a brighter future ahead.

Fear of the unknown can cause a lot of stress, and you ‘react’ instead of simply ‘act’ in those situations. Although, “once you have your dreams in place, and you know where you want your future to take you. Then you can start to make proactive decisions to take you there.”

In short; dream big and follow it, like a guiding light to your future.

Craig Fairgrieve
Always Be Content: Wake Up

Returning to the founding principles of marketing and ‘providing a solution to your customers problems’ – Google, and its new algorithm, want to serve its users directly from its own search page; reducing the need for click throughs, search rankings and even paid listings. Google want to be the platform.

It’s now recorded that 50% of all Google searches don’t go anywhere else, that they remain isolated on Googles search page, and this is only going to increase.

Therefore, Craig explained, you need to make sure that your website is accessible and functional, not only to your customers, but for Google itself; so that its bots can easily trawl through your sites, distilling relevant information, so that it can present it to your target audience.

There are plenty of ways to do this, and luckily Craig himself is an expert; closing his speech with a reassuring message, “it’s my job to help clients with these issues. So, please don’t worry, just get in touch!”

After a couple of ‘Star Treatment’ cocktails and some delightful conversation, our event laid its head down on the pillow and fell into a dreamy slumber.

We had a great time chatting about the science behind sleeping well, the courage that it takes to dream big, and that our digital worries can all be solved by our very own Craig Fairgrieve!

Sleep Well and Dream Big!