It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is almost done and dusted. December is always a time of reflection. In a problematic year for the UK economy and geopolitics, there’s plenty for all of us to mull over.   But let’s look on the bright side: at least it was a good year for ABC. We… Continue reading ALWAYS BE BUSY: 2022 WRAPPED-UP

Always Be Learning: A Modern Apprenticeship with Always Be Content

By Lauren Blair Deciding what you want to do after high school is hard and I knew University wasn’t my destiny. Instead, I studied Media and Communications at Edinburgh College and ended-up finishing the course from my bedroom during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was desperate to get into the workplace, but I didn’t know what… Continue reading Always Be Learning: A Modern Apprenticeship with Always Be Content

Reinventing the agency model reaps awards

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards have recognised Pete as Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year, Scotland!   The belief that true entrepreneurs focus as much on the culture of their business as they do the balance sheet is shared by Pete and GBEA – which led to our celebration at this year’s awards ceremony.  … Continue reading Reinventing the agency model reaps awards

Helping Business Beat Cancer

It was the summer of ’04, mid-August   Edinburgh was thick with tourists and performers, the air smelled of hops, pollen and spilt cider. Everywhere I walked someone shoved a flyer for a comedy show that involved some form of audience participation into my reluctant hands.   That summer I wanted to work, save-up for… Continue reading Helping Business Beat Cancer

The Life-Affirming Power of Water

Water is essential for human life…   …even if it’s the stuff that we curse as it falls from the sky. Water flushes toxins from your body. It makes your skin glow. It can even make headaches disappear without an aspirin. This simple combination of two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom seems to… Continue reading The Life-Affirming Power of Water

Winning prizes for doing good

Always Be Content has been recognised in the UK marketing industry awards in London this week!   Our campaign for Scottish Water, which encourages people to use a refillable bottle and make tap water their first choice, won first place in the Public Sector category at the Drum Marketing Awards 2019.   The judges said… Continue reading Winning prizes for doing good

Can you dream it?

Pine tree needles carpet the streets still, like Narnia trying its damnedest to escape out of all the wardrobes of West Edinburgh.   Formerly festive trees rest by the rubbish bins while my dogs firmly believe in magic. After all a forest appeared overnight, then vanished! More than once! The air is crisp and fresh… Continue reading Can you dream it?


As sponsors and creative partners of The Marketing Society, we were delighted to attend this year’s St Andrew’s Day Dinner.   We were equally thrilled to have had the opportunity to design the event’s programme booklet.   The cover design represents both land and tradition. The on-the-rocks ice cube reflects Scotland’s mountainous terrains, whereas the… Continue reading MARKETING SOCIETY: ST ANDREWS DAY


Originally, we’d wanted to have an aerialist perform on a hoop suspended like the moon above the Star Marketing Awards.   Unfortunately, health and safety demands that you have rigging points that can carry 500kg – although to look at former Cirque Du Soleil star @jofoleyhoop you’d never guess she weighed so much.   The… Continue reading MARKETING SOCIETY: STAR AWARDS

Breakfast Seminar

A content strategist, a customer experience consultant, and a leadership coach walk into a bar… To be honest, we’re not quite sure how this joke goes.   But we did have a breakfast seminar. It took place on the 24th of November at 58VE in central London. There were coffee, croissants, and a crowd.  … Continue reading Breakfast Seminar