Originally, we’d wanted to have an aerialist perform on a hoop suspended like the moon above the Star Marketing Awards.


Unfortunately, health and safety demands that you have rigging points that can carry 500kg – although to look at former Cirque Du Soleil star @jofoleyhoop you’d never guess she weighed so much.


The rusty girders at uber-cool boho venue SWG3 would require an inspection from a structural engineer…


So, necessity being the progenitor of Plan B, Jo swung into action at stage level with a mind-bending display of body-bending. For those of us who struggle to bend down to tie our shoe-laces each morning, the performance brought jealous pangs, wondrous gasps and the odd arthritic groan…


Backed by an animated moon and swirling mandala, Jo revealed the advice ‘Win or Lose – AlwaysBeContent’ – great advice at any gong show.


Meanwhile, MC Barra Collins and tricksters Billy Reid and Kerry Cawkwell wowed the crowd with some magical sleight of hand. If you were lucky enough to get one of our aphorism cards, hang on to it. They’re real rarities – there are only two packs in the whole world…


But what was the point of this happening?

Perhaps the free cocktails and voluble conversation of your fellow Marketing Society members were enough to make the evening magical. Yet we wanted to add a little more lustre to the occasion for one special reason.


As creative partners of the Star Awards, this was also the first public outing for our new venture AlwaysBeContent. Our team simply wanted to celebrate the event by adding a little sparkle and magic to the evening.


You may presume that the business of AlwaysBeContent is content marketing, and that we are some sort of new agency. In some respects you’d be spot on.


Within the wider context of Customer Experience and Activation, we develop creative content for our customers. But, in our minds at least, the word ‘content’ has an equally obvious connotation.


Basically, we want to spread happiness.

We want our customers to be happy, and their customers to be happy. And we’d like you to be happy too, or at least content. Of course, making marketing that works for customers and builds the business is an important part of being happy at work. We’re sure we could help you with that if you wanted.


However, if you feel that work and life could be going better, you’ll find our blog has some sage advice on marketing topics and some sane advice on work-life balance.


As sponsors of the International Marketing Category, we were delighted to present Kirsteen Beeston, Global Marketing Manager at Edrington with the Gold Award for The Macallan #DoubleCask. Well done team Edrington!