Breakfast Seminar

A content strategist, a customer experience consultant, and a leadership coach walk into a bar… To be honest, we’re not quite sure how this joke goes.   But we did have a breakfast seminar. It took place on the 24th of November at 58VE in central London. There were coffee, croissants, and a crowd.  … Continue reading Breakfast Seminar

A Bigger Splash

These are testing times for the media and navigating the public relations wilderness has never been more onerous.   From the nationals to the locals, traditional audiences are shrinking, and editorial teams are following suit. So, catching the eye of hard-pressed journalists and editors is a neat trick, if you can pull it off.  … Continue reading A Bigger Splash

Top Up From The Tap

Sometimes, you get a break.   There’s no doubt that the recent Scottish heatwave added that most welcome element of perfect timing to our new Scottish Water campaign. Water tends to go down well with the thirsty. And with the mercury rising, the thirsty were in no short supply. So, a great reminder for all… Continue reading Top Up From The Tap

Christmas too commercial?

People might moan and groan that Christmas has gotten too commercial over the years, but everyone loves the adverts!   Whether it’s an old man on the moon, a friendly monster under the bed, a penguin or a snowman, the show-stopping Christmas advert is as part of the season as the switching on of the… Continue reading Christmas too commercial?

Always be celebrating

The last birthday party for a two-year-old I attended was my nephew’s.   It had everything you could hope for at a toddler’s shindig. Family and friends were crammed into a semi-detached house on a rainy Saturday afternoon, with an immense range of junk food and loud toys. I was incredibly proud of my gift… Continue reading Always be celebrating