Christmas too commercial?

People might moan and groan that Christmas has gotten too commercial over the years, but everyone loves the adverts!


Whether it’s an old man on the moon, a friendly monster under the bed, a penguin or a snowman, the show-stopping Christmas advert is as part of the season as the switching on of the festive lights.

Previously, people would say that the adverts were better than the programmes.

Cast your mind back, to Christmas in the ’90s.

Do you remember the classic ‘Magic Moments’ Quality Street advert with the long-suffering lollipop lady and the always late little boy?


It’s a brilliantly shot and beautifully acted advert, which makes today’s ads look like overcooked turkeys by comparison.


Pete Martin, content strategist and founder of Always Be Content, has cast his experienced eye of the mini-dramas that retailers pump out across television during the festive season.


From Argos to John Lewis & Partners, Pete analyses this year’s Christmas contenders in his full article over at the Scotsman and discusses what’s changed in advertising.


However there is one Christmas advert this year by European firm Erste, that is guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy this year.