Top Up From The Tap

Sometimes, you get a break.


There’s no doubt that the recent Scottish heatwave added that most welcome element of perfect timing to our new Scottish Water campaign.

Water tends to go down well with the thirsty. And with the mercury rising, the thirsty were in no short supply. So, a great reminder for all to ‘Top Up From The Tap’.


It’s a campaign we’re proud of. Steve Kempster’s art direction is powerful, and Pete Martin’s words are given beautiful voice by Evelyn Adams and Andrew Rothney.


The soundtrack, written and performed by Dunfermline band, Dancing on Tables, provides just the tempo for the television ad, and the reception of their track ‘Oh’ has been great to see.


Yes, our ‘Your Water, Your Life’ campaign’s got off to a flying start since its first showing during the Emmerdale ad break. Now, if we could just bottle that sunshine …