As sponsors and creative partners of The Marketing Society, we were delighted to attend this year’s St Andrew’s Day Dinner.


We were equally thrilled to have had the opportunity to design the event’s programme booklet.


The cover design represents both land and tradition. The on-the-rocks ice cube reflects Scotland’s mountainous terrains, whereas the carefully lit whisky glass suggests the halo of Saint Andrew himself.


The imagery makes reference to the Angel’s Share legend as well. Some amount of whisky naturally evaporates as the alcohol matures in casks. Legend attributes this deficit to angels who, it is believed, must have taken a sip.


As a result, many believe that all Scots go to heaven. After all, the price of admission had already been paid in golden whisky currency.


The dinner event put us in mind of another myth as well, the myth of St Andrew’s cross. Superstition has it that putting a St Andrew’s cross on the fireplace wards off demons from entering the home through the chimney.


The reason the myth seemed relevant is because this year the Marketing Society highlighted the importance of tackling mental health stigma and discrimination. And, to borrow psychologist Andrew Solomon’s words, those who suffer from mental health problems struggle to fend off their own ‘noonday demons’ every day.


In the spirit of mental health awareness, the proceeds collected during the event went towards See Me, Scotland’s Programme tackling mental health stigma and discrimination. What’s more, the guest speaker for the evening was the illustrious Ruby Wax OBE.


Ruby Wax Saint Andrews Dinner



Ruby coupled heart-rending sincerity with side-splitting humour as she spoke about her difficulties and journeys in the world of mental health. Her new book How to Be a Human: The Manual will hit the shelves at the end of this month, and one of her Frazzled Cafes will soon set up shop in Edinburgh. Keep your eyes peeled.


Marketing Society Fellowships, Honorary Fellowships and Employer Brand of the Year Awards were duly bestowed. There was great music, exquisite food, and, of course, outstanding company. All in all, it was a memorable night evoking both angels and demons.


We hope to see you all again next year!


Saint Andrews Dinner Unicorn ABC Design