reinventing the agency

Reinventing the agency model reaps awards

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards have recognised Pete as Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year, Scotland!


The belief that true entrepreneurs focus as much on the culture of their business as they do the balance sheet is shared by Pete and GBEA – which led to our celebration at this year’s awards ceremony.


After managing large agencies in New York, London and Edinburgh, Pete wanted to do things differently… and in 2017 he co-founded Always Be Content as a modern advertising agency.


By responding to changes in how people consume media and messages, the idea is simple. Curate a multi-skilled and talented team, who have the capacity to produce highly targeted and integrated content; which is all in all, better for the client, the audience and the team themselves.


Built on the Holacracy model, our team is empowered to manage their own projects – by devolving how work should be carried out to those completing it, instilling trust and responsibility.


We like to put our team first, and that’s not just in relation to the work we create. By offering flexible working hours, access to a nutritional therapist, a quiet room, encouraging creative time out the office, and also making sure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. We hope to remain as a successful, happy and profitable agency.


“Being recognised for doing what you love is a buzz. This award may have my name on it, but it’s really about the whole team – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’m chuffed that our different approach to hard work, our talent and enthusiasm has been rewarded by the judges and hope to do Scotland proud at the national awards in November.” – Pete Martin, Director at Always Be Content.