SEO for the CEO

For senior people, it’s never been more important to understand the online ecosystem.   It’s never been more urgent to appreciate how digital drives business and shapes the customer experience. At its most basic, SEO drives digital. And digital drives business – from direct sales to brand trust to future sustainability.   But, it’s a… Continue reading SEO for the CEO

Let your mind go Googly

4 simple ways to tell if you have rich content.   Even without a technical Search Engine Optimisation Report, there are some simple ‘rules of thumb’ to get a sense of how hard your content is working. Remember that just Googling your own site or target search terms is likely to be misleading. The results… Continue reading Let your mind go Googly

Wake up to Google’s new reality

Does your website performance suck?You’re not alone.   For all kinds of good reasons, lots of businesses have bad websites. We’ve all been there. Sites that don’t show up on search engines. Pages with low or no traffic. Deadweight content that doesn’t generate clicks from search, or simply ramps up your digital marketing costs. And,… Continue reading Wake up to Google’s new reality


There are three reasons to consider accessibility in your communications.   First, there’s self-interest. People with disabilities are potential customers. There are over 2 million people with visual impairment in the UK. Around 9 million people are hard of hearing or deaf; about 2 million wear hearing aids. Nearly 1.5 million people have learning difficulties.… Continue reading Accessibility

Digital Transformation

The on-going shake-up in media consumption means that it’s now harder than ever to reach the best customers by traditional means.   Digital transformation is essential for sustainable growth by ‘fishing where the fish are’.   It gives your marketing more data, attribution and accountability.   But it’s also vital in retaining existing customers and… Continue reading Digital Transformation

How to be content

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Nod Awards. Our name, Always Be Content, was a source of interest to the hosts the Mac Twins. Were we ‘content’ as in happy, or ‘content’ as in marketing? Well, we’re both!   Great content should make you happier. Content should make businesses more at ease, as… Continue reading How to be content

Content Marketing Simplified

Content, when you’re consuming it via social media, seems so easy to create. An Instagram story only last a few seconds, how much time could it take to make and edit? Yet, every single piece of branded content you have found useful, whether a blog, case study or even a tweet, was designed as part… Continue reading Content Marketing Simplified

Branded Content

Branded content is the name of the game.   In fact, The Drum recently hosted a panel discussion in London, titled ‘Branded content’. It was informative and inspiring, and it spurred us to delve further into the matter. So, here’s our attempt to capture the true nature of branded content.   Free to Partake Let’s… Continue reading Branded Content

Seen. Heard. Understood.

It’s Christmas, 1996.   My aunt passed me a small yellow cardboard box, overlaid with a botanical drawing of flowers. Inside, nestled in hot pink shredded tissue paper were tiny wrapped gifts: a costume ring, a pen, a rose quartz bracelet and a set of fortune cards. A fairly cracking gift to the average 11-year-old,… Continue reading Seen. Heard. Understood.


People often say ‘anything can be content’. Is a TV ad content? Is a brochure content? A video of your cat being cute – is that content? But, when we use the word ‘content’, we mean something more specific.   We’re talking about information (or experience) that’s designed for customers and prospects.   It is… Continue reading CONTENT MARKETING