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Digital Transformation

The on-going shake-up in media consumption means that it’s now harder than ever to reach the best customers by traditional means.


Digital transformation is essential for sustainable growth by ‘fishing where the fish are’.


It gives your marketing more data, attribution and accountability.


But it’s also vital in retaining existing customers and driving down the cost-of-serve.


Customer empowerment

Putting customers in control is the key global trend. The ability of customers to find information, make decisions, update accounts and self-serve is critical to customer satisfaction, competitiveness and sustainable profitability.


For large customer-centric organisations, the evidence for digital transformation is compelling. However, while the vast majority of business people agree on its urgency and importance, actually ‘turning the tanker’ seems to be a more difficult and time-consuming task for most businesses.


  • 84% of companies say digital transformation is important to their survival in next five years but only 3% have actually transformed
  • 85% of transformers say it increases market share
  • 80% of transformers say it increases profitability


However, the connection to customer satisfaction is clear. Almost all transformers have mature strategies and processes to improve customer experience.