Content marketing@2x


People often say ‘anything can be content’. Is a TV ad content? Is a brochure content? A video of your cat being cute – is that content? But, when we use the word ‘content’, we mean something more specific.


We’re talking about information (or experience) that’s designed for customers and prospects.


It is purposefully, intentionally, strategically aligned with the customer journey.

The aim is to help your customers use your products or services to achieve a goal – thereby increasing their satisfaction. (And your share of their spending.)




  1. Based on an in-depth understanding of the commercial context
  2. Developed with the express purpose of acquiring new customers and keeping the customers you have
  3. Designed to create a distinctive, competitive persona and aid relevant online performance in your specific niche
  4. Driven to help customers achieve their goals
  5. Aligned with customers’ changing mindsets and need-states at different stages of the buying journey
  6. Integrated with automated marketing (if relevant)
  7. Built on effective strategies to deepen the customer relationship and enrich the customer experience
  8. Aligned with your company’s purpose and values, drawing on the internal expertise to position the business for thought leadership
  9. Created intentionally to enhance long-term brand attributes as well as enable short-term sales
  10. Proven to increase long-term profitability

When you consider content from this point of view, it becomes clear that simplistic ‘one size fits all’ approaches won’t work. A more strategic creative approach is essential – especially where resources need to be applied at critical points in the customer journey.