Winning and losing in the brand race

Who are the UK superbrands? Which brands are gaining ground and who’s slipping out of sight? And how does the Ruber Effect explain the winners and losers in the race for brand leadership?   When my daughter was small, I once took her to the horse racing. Children aren’t allowed to bet, so I put some… Continue reading Winning and losing in the brand race


As marketing evolves, innovations come in waves. Trends swing towards some new ‘science of selling’. And then, as everyone wearies of the cynicism, dullness and disappointing results, the pendulum swings back towards making creative work that’s relevant, captivating and uplifting.   How to prove your worth as a CMO Winning and losing in the brand… Continue reading SELL OF THE CENTURY

SEO for the CEO

For senior people, it’s never been more important to understand the online ecosystem.   It’s never been more urgent to appreciate how digital drives business and shapes the customer experience. At its most basic, SEO drives digital. And digital drives business – from direct sales to brand trust to future sustainability.   But, it’s a… Continue reading SEO for the CEO

Let your mind go Googly

4 simple ways to tell if you have rich content.   Even without a technical Search Engine Optimisation Report, there are some simple ‘rules of thumb’ to get a sense of how hard your content is working. Remember that just Googling your own site or target search terms is likely to be misleading. The results… Continue reading Let your mind go Googly

How to look the part on film

So, you’ve been volunteered to appear in an online video or company film?   That’s great since ‘hearing from company experts’ is the third most important thing potential customers want. (After price information and market comparisons.) It’s a chance for you to shine, to get over your views and get noticed. Unfortunately for the unprepared,… Continue reading How to look the part on film


Originally, we’d wanted to have an aerialist perform on a hoop suspended like the moon above the Star Marketing Awards.   Unfortunately, health and safety demands that you have rigging points that can carry 500kg – although to look at former Cirque Du Soleil star @jofoleyhoop you’d never guess she weighed so much.   The… Continue reading MARKETING SOCIETY: STAR AWARDS