Was this sleet? Yes, coming sideways mixed with hail stones. Turning away from the gale force gusts, you could hear the sharp pitter-patter of ice pellets hitting your back. Welcome to filming in Scotland. We were on the hills round Talla Reservoir, making a new TV and cinema commercial for Scottish Water. We’d brought along… Continue reading FILMING UP A STORM FOR SCOTTISH WATER


Good film used to be costly to make. The medium also required millions of bucks to reach a mass audience through TV ads. Today, changes in production technology and the advent of social video mean that every business must be in the movie business.   Online film will continue to grow in importance for customer communications… Continue reading FILM & VIDEO

How to look the part on film

So, you’ve been volunteered to appear in an online video or company film?   That’s great since ‘hearing from company experts’ is the third most important thing potential customers want. (After price information and market comparisons.) It’s a chance for you to shine, to get over your views and get noticed. Unfortunately for the unprepared,… Continue reading How to look the part on film

Online Video

It’s true. Online video content is highly watchable and highly shareable.   You know it. You’ve done it. The number of mobile videos we’re watching is doubling every year.   And, indeed, online video content is valuable in terms of SEO. (Since Google upranks video since it enhances the user experience and, just perhaps, because… Continue reading Online Video


Videos are the supreme brain candy.   In the US, mobile video ad revenues grew by 145% between 2015 and 2016.(1) Cisco estimates that 82% of all consumer traffic will come from video IPs by 2021.(2) While in the UK, 37.1 million adults watched 11.6 billion YouTube videos last July alone.(3) We seem to be… Continue reading VIDEO: STATS AND FACTS