Sam’s Slow Fashion Story

“I found a ticket for a club in the pocket” I’ve had this duster coat for donkeys’ years. The term originally meant a coverall worn by horse riders and cattle ranchers to protect their clothes from the dust kicked up by horses’ hooves. Now it’s just any long, light coat. I bought this duster coat… Continue reading Sam’s Slow Fashion Story

Stella’s Slow Fashion Story

“I’m so glad I found it – or did it find me?” My boyfriend and I were going to view a flat in Easter Road. We didn’t get the flat. But, on the way back, we passed a Cat Rescue charity shop on Easter Road.   I picked up this dress for only £5. Green… Continue reading Stella’s Slow Fashion Story

Lauren’s Slow Fashion Story

“The name became massive” I bought this Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket from a charity shop when I was 14. The brand first took off in the 80s when the designer worked with avant-garde New York adman George Lois. Then the name became massive in the 90s when hip-hop artists started wearing it.   Tommy Hilfiger… Continue reading Lauren’s Slow Fashion Story

Mary’s Slow Fashion Story

“I raid her wardrobe if I need a dress” This yellow and black dress is from my daughter’s overflowing wardrobe. Why should I spend time and money trailing round the shops looking for a new outfit when she has more clothes than London Fashion Week?   So, if I need a dress for a special… Continue reading Mary’s Slow Fashion Story

Pete’s Slow Fashion Story

“It was towards the end of winter when my mother died.” Understandably, my Dad was a bit stressed. He began to obsess about having a ‘good coat’ to wear to the funeral. My sister had tried to buy him a nice designer coat. It was navy blue with red lining and a brown velvet collar.… Continue reading Pete’s Slow Fashion Story

Helen’s Slow Fashion Story

“When she found it, there was a lock of red hair inside” I found this blouse in a thrift store back home in Belfast. The feather cuffs are slightly wild. It makes me think of Leonard Cohen’s song, Suzanne: ‘she is wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters.’   The gold locket means a… Continue reading Helen’s Slow Fashion Story

Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

“I saw a yardie caridie. I hesitated” As unlikely as it sounds, I was on the Isle of Cumbrae – a tiny island off Scotland’s west coast – attending a scooter rally. I’ve been into these vintage machines and ‘modernist’ culture since I was a lad. I own a Vespa and two Lambrettas that I… Continue reading Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

“A feminist icon for tearaway women” I’m way too young to really remember Suzi Quatro. She was the first female pop star clad in biker leathers: looking badass, playing bass and beating the boys at their own game in the early 70s. So, on the one hand, the leather jacket is a feminist icon for… Continue reading Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

“ I love it. yeah. yeah. yeah.” Corduroy has a particular groove. (Boom, boom!) Thanks to The Beatles’ penchant for corduroy suits, the fabric experienced an explosion in popularity in the 60s. British Prime-Minister-to-be Edward Heath even went so far as to say the Fab Four had “saved the British corduroy industry.”   With its… Continue reading Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story

“I was pretty darn pleased!” I bought the cowboy shirt in a vintage shop in London that specialises in Western-style gear. It’s fun to shop vintage since you can get high-end clothes at low prices. I’d been looking for a proper cowboy shirt for years. So I was pretty darn, rootin’ tootin’ pleased to find… Continue reading Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story