Stella’s Slow Fashion Story

“I’m so glad I found it – or did it find me?”

My boyfriend and I were going to view a flat in Easter Road. We didn’t get the flat. But, on the way back, we passed a Cat Rescue charity shop on Easter Road.


I picked up this dress for only £5. Green is my favourite colour, and the dress was lovely: pure silk, really light, perfect for summer. I’m so glad I found it – or did it find me? I’d wanted something to wear to my cousin’s wedding in Ballymena, back in Ireland.


The wedding was the first event where I’d see all of my extended family in one place. My mum is one of six children – so I have a lot of cousins. The wedding was amazing, and so was my dress. Call it the luck of the Irish.

Easter Road is home to Hibernian Football Club, founded in 1875 by the city’s immigrant Irish. The team plays in green. So maybe there’s always a sporting chance you’d find something gorgeously green on this side of the city.

“It’s not like fast fashion”.

My dad bought this stripey top for my mum when he was visiting Greece. He was half Greek, half English, and spent a lot of time in Athens when he was younger. I visited myself when I was 9 and I loved it. There’s so much history to soak up and I adored visiting the Necropolis.


My mum passed this top down to me. It’s still in great condition even though it must be around 20 years old! It’s not like the fast fashion products you get nowadays that don’t last.


Sadly, dad passed away when I was very young, so this top has a lot of sentimental value for me.