Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

“I saw a yardie caridie. I hesitated” As unlikely as it sounds, I was on the Isle of Cumbrae – a tiny island off Scotland’s west coast – attending a scooter rally. I’ve been into these vintage machines and ‘modernist’ culture since I was a lad. I own a Vespa and two Lambrettas that I… Continue reading Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

“A feminist icon for tearaway women” I’m way too young to really remember Suzi Quatro. She was the first female pop star clad in biker leathers: looking badass, playing bass and beating the boys at their own game in the early 70s. So, on the one hand, the leather jacket is a feminist icon for… Continue reading Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

“ I love it. yeah. yeah. yeah.” Corduroy has a particular groove. (Boom, boom!) Thanks to The Beatles’ penchant for corduroy suits, the fabric experienced an explosion in popularity in the 60s. British Prime-Minister-to-be Edward Heath even went so far as to say the Fab Four had “saved the British corduroy industry.”   With its… Continue reading Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story

“I was pretty darn pleased!” I bought the cowboy shirt in a vintage shop in London that specialises in Western-style gear. It’s fun to shop vintage since you can get high-end clothes at low prices. I’d been looking for a proper cowboy shirt for years. So I was pretty darn, rootin’ tootin’ pleased to find… Continue reading Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story

Mya’s Slow Fashion Story

“As a twin you’re never alone” This jumpsuit came from a thrift store in Brooklyn. I was there on holiday with my family. Two of my cousins live in New York. One of them moved for work; his brother visited him on holiday, met a woman, got married and never left! It was my first… Continue reading Mya’s Slow Fashion Story

Turing Fest 2023: A High-Tech Treat takes Edinburgh by Storm

Meeting people and getting educated is perpetually the name of the game in the tech industry, which is why conferences like Turing Fest are so important. This week I had the privilege of attending Turing Fest, the UK’s biggest cross-functional tech conference that descends on Edinburgh each year. Vibrant, inspiring, and thought-provoking talks ignited caffeine-fuelled… Continue reading Turing Fest 2023: A High-Tech Treat takes Edinburgh by Storm


As her work placement comes to a close, Stella Hosier looks back at her last 6 months at Always Be Content. For my third year of university, I had the option of doing a 6-month work placement or participating in a group consultancy project alongside a standard module. I chose the placement because the idea… Continue reading ALWAYS BE EXPERIENCING: A PLACEMENT AT ALWAYS BE CONTENT

3 Sustainable Business Trends Shaping 2023

As the first half of the year nearly draws to a close, our intern Stella takes a closer look at 3 sustainability trends that are shaping 2023. 1. ESG Standards & Regulation In recent years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have gained recognition as drivers of long-term growth and shareholder value. While ESG-focused investment… Continue reading 3 Sustainable Business Trends Shaping 2023


Did you know that Edinburgh is a global centre of expertise in cancer research and treatment?   Back in 2019, we didn’t.   As so often happens with these things, we were asked by a friend to lend a little pro bono creative support to a new charity initiative, Business Beats Cancer Edinburgh. Led largely by a… Continue reading CREATIVITY BEATS CANCER

Identifying Best Practices in ESG Marketing & Communications

In recent years, asset managers have channeled vast amounts of capital into ESG-focused equities and investment funds. Partly, it’s due the growing global awareness, interest and concern about ESG-focused issues. But it’s mostly because there’s compelling evidence that companies which do better environmentally, socially and administratively tend to do better financially. In October 2022, PwC… Continue reading Identifying Best Practices in ESG Marketing & Communications