Mya’s Slow Fashion Story

“As a twin you’re never alone”

This jumpsuit came from a thrift store in Brooklyn. I was there on holiday with my family. Two of my cousins live in New York. One of them moved for work; his brother visited him on holiday, met a woman, got married and never left! It was my first trip, and it was amazing. We went up the Empire State Building and visited some great museums like the Museum of Modern Art, the Natural History Museum, and the Jewish Museum. We also ate a lot of New York’s famous pizza slices! This jumpsuit belongs to my sister, but I just had to take it from her. She looks great in it.


As we’re twins, I knew I would too. I don’t often borrow her clothes – usually it’s the other way round! We’re identical twins, but it’s easy to tell us apart. She’s the one with dyed red hair. When we were kids, our parents used to dress us in different colours. They would always dress me in cooler colours like blue or green. My sister would be kitted out in warmer colours like pink. I think it’s influenced our individual styles as adults. What I like about being a twin is you’re never alone.

“My mum wanted me to love it”

When I was younger, I used to do what every daughter does and sneak a peek at my mum’s clothes to see what I might ‘borrow’. On one of those rummaging expeditions, I came across this white Versace blouse and somehow it casually fell into my own wardrobe.


I fell in love with it and my mum wanted me to love it as much as she did. It’s strange though to think that mum was my age when she wore this shirt. It’s hard to imagine your parents being young and carefree and having fun. I’m also wearing a bunch of rings which I’ve collected throughout the years from charity shops and relatives.