Lauren’s Slow Fashion Story

“The name became massive”

I bought this Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket from a charity shop when I was 14. The brand first took off in the 80s when the designer worked with avant-garde New York adman George Lois. Then the name became massive in the 90s when hip-hop artists started wearing it.


Tommy Hilfiger clothes command a hefty price tag. So, imagine how thrilled I felt when I saw the jacket was only £10!


It’s a man’s jacket and a size XL but who could resist? It’s still oversized when I wear it, but I guess that’s the fashion nowadays. I love funky accessories too. I found the hat and glasses when I was rummaging around a vintage store in London. You can usually find unique pieces you wouldn’t see in regular shops. It’s a fun, affordable way to find your own style.


“My nana would have worn this dress when she was my age”

My nana is a seamstress. She grew up in the 60s and is still the coolest person I know. She saw The Beatles in concert back when they topped the charts week in, week out, and girls fainted at a glimpse of The Fab Four.


She usually made her own clothes but bought the dress I’m wearing about 50 years ago. My grandad was in the Army, and she remembers wearing this dress to a ‘dinner and dance’ in the Sergeants’ Mess – a fancy affair where soldiers put on their smart uniforms and the wives wore swish dresses.


It’s mindblowing to think that my nana would have worn this dress when she was my age. It makes you think how fast life must pass. One minute you’re making fab gear to wear; the next you’re making soup for your grandchildren. (And, let me tell you, my nana makes great soup.) Those who were young enough to discover free love in the Swinging Sixties are now old enough to enjoy free bus travel! Nana has always made and fixed clothes for herself and our family, including my mum’s wedding dress. That’s not just a passion for fashion, that’s an expression of real love.