How to be content

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Nod Awards. Our name, Always Be Content, was a source of interest to the hosts the Mac Twins. Were we ‘content’ as in happy, or ‘content’ as in marketing? Well, we’re both!   Great content should make you happier. Content should make businesses more at ease, as… Continue reading How to be content

Branded Content

Branded content is the name of the game.   In fact, The Drum recently hosted a panel discussion in London, titled ‘Branded content’. It was informative and inspiring, and it spurred us to delve further into the matter. So, here’s our attempt to capture the true nature of branded content.   Free to Partake Let’s… Continue reading Branded Content

Seen. Heard. Understood.

It’s Christmas, 1996.   My aunt passed me a small yellow cardboard box, overlaid with a botanical drawing of flowers. Inside, nestled in hot pink shredded tissue paper were tiny wrapped gifts: a costume ring, a pen, a rose quartz bracelet and a set of fortune cards. A fairly cracking gift to the average 11-year-old,… Continue reading Seen. Heard. Understood.

Online Video

It’s true. Online video content is highly watchable and highly shareable.   You know it. You’ve done it. The number of mobile videos we’re watching is doubling every year.   And, indeed, online video content is valuable in terms of SEO. (Since Google upranks video since it enhances the user experience and, just perhaps, because… Continue reading Online Video


Videos are the supreme brain candy.   In the US, mobile video ad revenues grew by 145% between 2015 and 2016.(1) Cisco estimates that 82% of all consumer traffic will come from video IPs by 2021.(2) While in the UK, 37.1 million adults watched 11.6 billion YouTube videos last July alone.(3) We seem to be… Continue reading VIDEO: STATS AND FACTS


The EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a highly complex piece of legal text. As such, it has raised a slew of questions and left businesses seeking guidance.   In order to tackle the complexity of this law, we decided to put our thinking cap on and unearth some of the answers. Now that… Continue reading GUIDE TO GDPR 1: THE BASICS


In Part One, we set the scene for the GDPR. Here in Part Two, we will look at what’s actually inside the legislation.   Packed into nearly 90 pages, 173 recitals and 99 articles, the GDPR is around three times as long as the previous law. It is not surprising then that wrestling this legislation… Continue reading GUIDE TO GDPR 2: THE CONTENTS


Many businesses hear ‘GDPR’ and think of a brewing storm.   Warnings issued. Existing structures reinforced…   Still. Despite all the preparation, there remains an air of restlessness. That’s because clarification is often lacking. Questions like ‘what does this really mean?’ or ‘does this apply to me?’ are often left unanswered.   So, we’ve decided to… Continue reading GUIDE TO GDPR 3: BUSINESS ADVICE

Helping Business Beat Cancer

It was the summer of ’04, mid-August   Edinburgh was thick with tourists and performers, the air smelled of hops, pollen and spilt cider. Everywhere I walked someone shoved a flyer for a comedy show that involved some form of audience participation into my reluctant hands.   That summer I wanted to work, save-up for… Continue reading Helping Business Beat Cancer

The Life-Affirming Power of Water

Water is essential for human life…   …even if it’s the stuff that we curse as it falls from the sky. Water flushes toxins from your body. It makes your skin glow. It can even make headaches disappear without an aspirin. This simple combination of two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom seems to… Continue reading The Life-Affirming Power of Water