Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

“I saw a yardie caridie. I hesitated” As unlikely as it sounds, I was on the Isle of Cumbrae – a tiny island off Scotland’s west coast – attending a scooter rally. I’ve been into these vintage machines and ‘modernist’ culture since I was a lad. I own a Vespa and two Lambrettas that I… Continue reading Ross’ Slow Fashion Story

Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

“A feminist icon for tearaway women” I’m way too young to really remember Suzi Quatro. She was the first female pop star clad in biker leathers: looking badass, playing bass and beating the boys at their own game in the early 70s. So, on the one hand, the leather jacket is a feminist icon for… Continue reading Shona’s Slow Fashion Story

Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

“ I love it. yeah. yeah. yeah.” Corduroy has a particular groove. (Boom, boom!) Thanks to The Beatles’ penchant for corduroy suits, the fabric experienced an explosion in popularity in the 60s. British Prime-Minister-to-be Edward Heath even went so far as to say the Fab Four had “saved the British corduroy industry.”   With its… Continue reading Gavin’s Slow Fashion Story

Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story

“I was pretty darn pleased!” I bought the cowboy shirt in a vintage shop in London that specialises in Western-style gear. It’s fun to shop vintage since you can get high-end clothes at low prices. I’d been looking for a proper cowboy shirt for years. So I was pretty darn, rootin’ tootin’ pleased to find… Continue reading Brodie’s Slow Fashion Story

Mya’s Slow Fashion Story

“As a twin you’re never alone” This jumpsuit came from a thrift store in Brooklyn. I was there on holiday with my family. Two of my cousins live in New York. One of them moved for work; his brother visited him on holiday, met a woman, got married and never left! It was my first… Continue reading Mya’s Slow Fashion Story


Our Intern Stella Hosier takes an in-depth look at the environmental and societal harm caused by ‘fast fashion.’ I first became aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the planet, and the people who work in it, when I watched a film called The True Cost by Andrew Morgan. The film documents the… Continue reading THE PRICE OF FASHION: WHY THE CLOTHES INDUSTRY NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN


OSRAM Licht AG is a multinational lighting manufacturer based in Munich, Germany. They are currently undergoing a transformation to a high-tech photonics company. Photonics is technology that uses light –it is at the center of everything they do, and a key technology component of the information age.   Their products cover the full spectrum of… Continue reading OSRAM: GUIDING LIGHT


The world’s largest private power company does well by doing good. Enel SpA is headquartered in Rome, Italy. They are the largest private distributor of electricity in the world – with about 74 million end-users worldwide. They are the leading private operator in renewable energy with a capacity of 46GW, and they employ over 68,000… Continue reading ENEL: A BRIGHTER FUTURE


“The devil is in the details” is an idiom that refers to initiatives which might seem simple at a first look. However, on closer examination, these promising projects often demand a significant amount of thought and work to complete. The phrase is widely attributed to German-born architect Ludwig Miles van der Rohe.   This focused… Continue reading AMERICAN WATER: DEEP RESILIENCE


ING is a global bank with a strong European base. Their 53,000 employees serve over 38 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries. Their stated purpose is “To empower people to stay a step ahead in life and business.”   Making the connection between banking and sustainable business practices may seem… Continue reading ING: BANKING ON SUSTAINABILITY