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We recently had the pleasure of working with HindSight, an innovative Scottish start-up which has found a ground-breaking new way to keep cyclists safe. Their cycling glasses feature rear-view lenses which let users see what’s behind them. This allows cyclists to increase their situational awareness while keeping their eyes on the road.


Our campaign showcases this USP in dramatic fashion by showing HindSight-wearing cyclists and scooter riders being chased by a giant T-Rex! The dinosaur represents the prehistoric attitudes some drivers have towards other road users, which often puts them in danger. The campaign was launched on social media, targeting consumers on Facebook and Instagram, Paid Search, Google Display and TikTok. 


Founder Alex Macdonald came up with the idea for HindSight after one too many near-misses while cycling in traffic. He was fed up with feeling like a second-class citizen on the road and realised that if all cars need rear mirrors to be considered safe, there is no reason why cyclists can’t have the same protection. After finding no suitable existing solutions, he took matters into his own hands and set to work on his own.


Shortly after sketching-up the first prototype, Alex recruited his close friend, Olympic Gold medal-winning cyclist Callum Skinner, to refine the product. Their cause was helped when they received substantial funding after ousting 200 other start-ups to win Scottish EDGE, the UK’s biggest innovation award. However, turning HindSight into reality was no easy task, with manufacturers across the globe advising that rear-view lenses would be impossible to create.


HindSight persevered and developed their own manufacturing method to create their patented lenses. At the edge of the lens, there is a slight angle, with a semi-transparent, mirrored coating. This allows you to see behind you and make smarter decisions about potential hazards on the road.


Our social campaign for HindSight rolled-out at the end of January to coincide with the product’s launch. The revolutionary rear-view lenses caused a stir on national TV, featuring on daytime favourite ‘This Morning’ and impressing hosts Holly and Phil! If you’re a cyclist, or know someone who is, why not experience the benefit of Hindsight for yourself? Just head to hindsight.store to find out more.

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