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News, news everywhere, but does it help me think?

Our observation is derived from the famous poem “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by English author Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The feelings evoked here may seem familiar when it comes to seeking relevant, engaging, and concise business and investing related news online these days.


There are literally dozens of investment-oriented newsletters available with so many to choose from that many investors may simply become overwhelmed with information. Some newsletters are free, some are relatively inexpensive, and others are priced in the thousands of dollars for an annual subscription. It’s often hard to determine the real value being offered.


Then there is a torrent of financial and investing news coming from traditional media, including MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Forbes, Fortune, Barron’s, and the Financial Times. At times these news outlets are resorting to “clickbait” tactics using sensationalized, exaggerated or just plain shocking headlines designed to draw people in, and then offering little in terms of substantive content. The user experience is usually bad as a result.


All this begs the question: Is there a financial and investment-oriented website / newsletter that delivers contents in a distilled and high-impact fashion, delivering new information in a concise and engaging way?

Enter “The Daily Upside online newsletter.


This publication was founded by a former Wall Street blue-chip investment banker Patrick Trousdale who observed: “I worked on Wall Street for over 10 years and wanted to take my experience to the newsletter space – looking at what is happening in business and finance as big chucky topics – from a fundamental business and investment perspective.”

The Daily Upside covers business, finance and the economy in an engaging, upbeat way using a refreshingly insightful voice. While the stories are bite-sized they deliver substantial reporting on a wide variety of topics ranging from corporate earnings to macroeconomic trends or tech news. It is delivered every morning by e-mail between 8:00 – 10:00 AM EST when most people are just starting work and may feel a little pressed for time.


This news outlet appears to be thoughtfully designed for those among us who suffer from having a short attention span and an insatiable hunger for social media feeds.


The Daily Upside is effective at engaging its readers with a simple “Good Morning” story followed by a “Morning Brief” which is, well, brief and easy to digest bullet points. Later you can find deep-dive segments sharing details about the bullet points from the Morning Brief section. The news covered is highly relevant to business owners, investors, and asset managers in a less-than-preachy way.


The Daily Upside is admirable as much for what it does not do – like making investment recommendations (The Motley Fool), offer research tools (Morningstar), technical analysis (Seeking Alpha), nor the broad personal finance content and investing tips (Kiplinger). Reading makes you feel like you are having an insightful conversation with a wise friend.


The content also makes a point of avoiding politically charged issues nor wild speculation on future events. The Daily Upside stories are written in a refreshingly optimistic way that both respects the intelligence of the reader while sparking intellectual curiosity – allowing them to digest the facts and draw their own conclusions when it comes to how the news may impact their investment decisions.


This spunky start-up has caught the eye of larger players in the financial and business news sector and has large-scale content sharing partnerships with both The Motley Fool and Financial Times.  


The Daily Upside offers two companion news feeds – “Power Corridor” which tracks power balances from Wall Street to Washington DC written by Leah McGrath Goodman – a respected author and freelance journalist. The second feed is “Patent Drop” which is devoted to developments in Big Tech through the lens of patent filings.


The last great thing about The Daily Upside is that it is free – and it doesn’t go overboard with display advertising messages to support its business model. They tastefully offer sponsored content that’s typically relevant to the reader. Bravo.

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