Behavious Change@2x

Behaviour change

In marketing, you’re always trying to get people to change behaviour, to do something different.


You may simply want customers to choose your brand more often.


You may want employees to act in different ways.


You may want to change your company culture.


The problem is that in many instances, persuasion doesn’t work. (And we don’t mean, if the carrot doesn’t work, try the stick. Harsh words and shock tactics tend to produce the opposite from the desired effect.)


Whatever the journey, you can be more effective by focusing on key drivers. What really motivates behaviour? What are the circumstances that would allow behaviour to change positively, and be sustained?


In reality, complex behaviours require multi-faceted, on-going interventions and practical help. So, to gain co-operation, you need respect and compassion for the audience.


When motivation is based on shared values – rather than external forces – it’s more likely to be sustained.


It’s also useful to think both ‘top down’ and ‘grass roots’ and to look on it as a cyclical repeating process rather than a campaign. (Research from UCL says you have to do something 66 times for it to stick)


Often, the simple, practical life tools create the opportunity, but social support is critical to long-term success.